Reimagining Our
Campus Horizons

Our Master Plan for our Three Campuses

Guided by our aspiration for Ƶ as a leading contemporary and innovative school inspiring students to adapt, create and thrive in our complex global community, our Master Plan is an opportunity to further bring our three campuses together, optimising our students’ continuity of journey, enriching and enhancing the future learning experience of our young people.

With our students’ wellbeing at the heart of a holistic Ƶ education, our 20-year Master Plan will provide the flexibility to nurture their growth and potential in a rapidly evolving world, allowing their lights to shine brightly.

About Our
Master Plan

Our Master Plan supports our educational philosophy, where a high quality learning environment is key, creating safe, supportive, hands-on learning spaces through innovative use of physical environments and technological opportunities.

The Master Plan will deliver harmonised, efficient, effective and sustainable spaces for the future, while amplifying the character and distinctiveness of each learning environment, bringing our three campuses together as one cohesive school community from Preschool to Year 12.

Our Three

Th Ƶ Master Plan is an incredible opportunity to seamlessly bring together our three campuses, optimising the continuity of our students’ journeys. 

Senior Campus

A Central Campus Green at its Heart

We are revitalising and reimagining our Senior Campus to make better use of spaces and bring our learning and cocurricular opportunities more closely together. With student wellbeing at its core, the reimagined Senior Campus will provide innovative, flexible spaces for students to learn, to incorporate more physical activity into their days and to come together as a community.

High Country Campus

Fostering Connection

Our High Country Campus now has a dedicated Master Plan that will enable us to further enhance its use, allowing more students and members of the Ƶ community to come together, experience this unique setting and embark on a transformative journey of personal development beyond traditional urban environments.

Junior Campus

Optimising Spaces for our Future

The Junior Campus Master Plan aims to optimise our spaces through reconfiguration, reuse and strategic upgrades, preparing for future learning challenges within an holistic education approach. This plan seeks to create opportunities for our community to come together within flexible spaces that foster collaboration, creativity and personal growth.



Following input and feedback from the Board, Executive, staff, students, parents and specialist First Nations Yerrabingin consultants, the Master Plan was developed with the following underpinning principles:

Holistic Education

Nurturing academic excellence, personal growth, physical fitness and a balanced approach to life.


Learning spaces to promote interdisciplinary learning and industry partnerships and collaboration. 


Student wellbeing at the heart of the Master Plan


Embracing a high level of environmental sustainability


The timing of the Master Plan phases has been carefully considered to minimise disruptions to teaching and learning. Beginning with enabling works, the projects will roll out across distinct campus stages over a 20-year timeframe, with the first major project expected to commence in 2029.

The Senior Campus projects will revitalise and reimagine our Secondary years. Our High Country projects will illuminate the heart and soul of Ƶ for our experiential learning programs. And the third stage will optimise our spaces for the future of our Junior Campus.

Questions and

Should you have any questions or feedback on the Master Plan please contact Grant Birse, Head of Community Engagement on 02 9908 6406